Monday, August 06, 2007


I have just spent a week with 30 student ministers/priests who are training with the North East Institute for Theological Education. They are second-career people who have discovered a call to pastoral ministry later in life. These are people who have faced divorce, children, cancer, the loss of loved ones, financial worry, aging, and the many other difficult life experiences that we all encounter. And I am convinced that they are better ministers for this.

They are also people who know how to laugh, to exploit Yorkshire humour to the full, to sink a Guiness, and to sing Rugby songs on the bus on the way home from the pub. They are not snobs, and do not have time for intellectual pretentiousness. They are people who care passionately about serving God, and who are willing to work for a world of justice and love.

I am privileged to have been let into their world. I enjoyed the time spent with them - except for them singing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” over my head. Their earthy humour, and ability to grasp life with enthusiasm has been an inspiration.

I shall pray for them as they prepare for their ordination.


Superslug said...


I don't recognise who you are talking about. Sinking a guiness, singing rugby songs! I don't know who you could be thinking of ;).

It was a real privilidge to spend last week with you. Now I am back at my desk I have no one to ask those important yet scary questions. What do you mean? take that thought further? How does that make you feel? You are my preist not my social worker, what are you going to say to me?

Tough yet invigorating: relentless yet fulfilling. A bit like jogging around "the Block".

Great blog BTW. I did wonder what you really thought of this disparate, broken set of people who have been found out and made fishing a mid life career change.

I hope we can keep in touch so we can often ask the question "Where 'as the bin since I saw thee?'

Cheers Pete.


Anonymous said...


It was a privilege to look through your lenses and I pray that our work in God's ministry will mean our paths will cross again.

I am sure that there may have to be some more reconciliation after the Rugby World Cup, but to help you, you will have the memory of that fantastic rendition of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and you will know that there will be at least two happy English Ordinands.

Great Blog which is now in my favourites.


Sylvia said...

The priviledge was ours Pete, I hope we weren't too earthy! Fantastic week, thank you. With love in Jesus

Anonymous said...

Hey Broer,
Seems like you are a hit over there.
Good Job. Now come home and sort out our own sh#t! Giggle

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete
You and Jess sure were hits here...
Talking to my Regional Elder about an MCC in Ireland - sure I'll have to come and do a reccy in SA first...
Hope to see you both really soon
Love and hugs