Friday, August 17, 2007

My Bed

I have slept in many different beds in the last month...ranging from single beds to wonderful double beds. And of course Emirates Airlines offered me a number of different plane seats for overnight accommodation. However, despite all this amazing hospitality, I know that my own bed is best.

My bed has contours that fit my body – mainly because I have been lying on “my” side of the bed I share with Jenny for many years. I know exactly where the light is if I need to turn it on at night. I know exactly how the blankets fit if I am cold, and how to position the pillows to get maximum comfort.

Which is perhaps a good analogy for the past month.
Because while I have thoroughly appreciated the hospitality of the many people I have met, I am glad to be home. I am back in the place where I “fit”. I know the networks that help to make me more efficient. I know the feel of the community. And I know that right now God’s call on my life is to work here in Plumstead. So I will be taking the many experiences and learnings of the past month and using them here.
And I am grateful to all those who have been my teachers.


bugs said...

welcome back! hope you will be sharing those insights and experiences with us

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Welcome home Pete! We've missed you!

Much love from a COLD and WET Oxford!


Mev Dominee said...

Welcome back Pete.

Hope that you enjoyed the trip and visiting your daughter.

Thank you for sharing the all of your experiences on the blog so diligently.