Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Give me the Good News

Today we study the effect of the media on public perceptions. And how bad news sells and good news is “not in the media interest”. And so I am choosing to tell some good news stories: the stories of how people of Belfast are actively crossing the walls that divide their society.

Fr Gerry Reynolds inspired the Clonard Reconciliation Project. This is run from the Clonard Monastery in the heart of troubled Shankhill/Falls roads neighbourhood. Here is a Roman Catholic initiative that reaches out to the other churches in their neighbourhood. They invite their congregation members to “become a unity pilgrim in your parish for the sake of Jesus and the Gospel. …join in a Sunday morning pilgrimage to a Protestant congregation which is willing to welcome us.”. They go in small groups to visit the morning services of Shankhill Methodist/St Matthew’s Shankill Road/Woodvale Presbyterian, and another 37 different congregations.

We met Robbie, who is one of those who has made this pilgrimage. Who wondered why people found the divisions so important. Who was able to say that when a person has met Jesus they can see beyond the divisions. And who is completely perplexed at the theological differences that become a stumbling block to Christian unity. “Get rid of all this rubbish that keeps us apart. We belong together”.

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eishman said...

Perhaps that's the beauty of the 'new media revolution?'
Now people have the freedom to write what they want and say what they want, not be tied down to what the corporations dictate. And perhaps more importantly choose what the want to read/view/hear.