Friday, January 27, 2012


The Methodist Church has a tradition of “collaring” student ministers, which is the moment when the student is allowed to wear a clerical collar. Within our tradition a clerical shirt is worn as a sign of being under the discipline of an order of preachers. Over time we have allowed those who are studying for ordination to wear a clerical collar as part of the process of a personal commitment to this discipline. Not only does it remind the student of the calling that they are exploring, but it allows them time to physically experience the depth of this commitment every time they put on their clerical shirt.

Today we concluded our Seminary Covenant Service with the collaring of Philippa Cole, who describes herself as “fully human, perfectly flawed” and writes a blog at It was an occasion of joyful celebration of one who is growing into her calling to be a Methodist Minister. There was singing, dancing, tears, and a special moment when her clerical collar was inserted into her shirt. She commented: “I am excited because this for me is a validation of my journey so far. It’s a reminder that I have committed my life to being a servant for God and for Her people.”
Please pray for her – and for all those who are newly “collared” as they train for their final ordination vows.

Monday, January 09, 2012

A day off

Jenny and I have spent a week unpacking into our new home. So we decided to take a day off. We are visiting Jenny's sister who is on holiday at Zimbali holiday resort. Eish - another tough day in Africa.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

My 2012 project

I and my friend Mark Duncan have challenged ourselves to run 300 days this year, for a minimum of 5km or half an hour each day. But why?!

Well, it's our way of using our abilities to make a difference.

The aim is to raise R100 000 in 2012 for the I Care non-profit organisation, so that they can broaden their reach and get a centre established in Pietermaritzburg. I Care provide a sustainable solution to helping street kids - check it out here:

So how can you help? If you can give R1 for every run we do this year, that will work out to R300 for the year. If we can raise enough awareness and get, say, a little over 300 people to do this, the R100 000 target will be reached pretty easily! You can donate safely online through the BackaBuddy site: You can also give cash if you'd prefer - contact me or Mark ( and we can tell you how best to contribute. All funds raised go directly to I Care - there is a commitment to transparency and accountability here.

And you can follow our runs from this website: Mark and I have GPS's which track our runs so you can see exactly where they've been and how fast!

R100 000 for I Care in 2012 - let's do it!"