Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Community's Parade

Today was the Clacton Community Carnival.
This seaside resort hosted a parade through the town in aid of community charity funding. The theme was Pirates and the Caribbean. This morning I joined the members of Trinity Methodist Church in building their float. This involved decorating a flatbed trailer with a ship, complete with sails, and a beach with Palm trees. We finally set out for the start, calypso music belting out from the large speakers on the back. After the floats were judged (and our float won awards for best creativity) we all set off along the beachfront: horses, bands, floats, drums, and princesses. The people of the town lined the road. And here was my great surprise.

I had been given a bucket labelled “Claxton Community Carnival”, and offered it in the direction of the spectators, expecting to be ignored or rebuffed. But the community came armed for the occasion: the little children were clutching packets of coins, and as each bucket passed they would drop some coins in successive buckets. I was overwhelmed with the generosity of the people, and at the joy they had in giving. The obvious pleasure they took in giving to charity was an inspiration.

How I long for a world like this.
Where we are all willing to give to charity – without expecting something in return.
Thank you Clacton for a happy day..

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