Saturday, August 04, 2007


The Irish Republican Army has decommissioned its arms?
And I raise my eyebrows in disbelief and mutter “Who says?”
But this morning I met Harold Good who was one of the people who verified this process.

Harold is a former President of the Methodist Conference, a leader in the Corrymeela community, and a leading peace activist in Northern Ireland. He was a Protestant Minister in Shankhill Road, Belfast. And during the terrible time of conflict kept his church doors open and the lights burning day and night – so that people could find a place of refuge. He has committed his life to making peace in Northern Ireland. And as such was invited to be on the team who supervised the destruction of IRA weapons. Harold noted that of even more importance than the destruction of weapons is the change of heart. He can vouch for a softening of previously heard hearts. He speaks of his immense hope for a renewed society. And of his confidence that the IRA are absolutely committed to peaceful co-leadership.

The destruction of IRA weapons is an enormous act of good faith, of nation building. The Ulster Defence Force/Army and all the other off shoots of the Unionist cause have not had any independent verification of their weapons. They assure us that they are safely locked up. But have not allowed anyone to verify this. As an outsider it seems glaringly obvious that the UDF needs to match the faithful self disclosure of the IRA.

Pray for this process of peacemaking in Northern Ireland.

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Sylvia said...

It was my enormous prviledge to spent a short time with Harold, an awesome yet very humble man, I will indeed pray for this very fragile process to continue. With love in Jesus