Sunday, August 12, 2007

In the Footsteps of my Grandfather

About 80 years ago my Grandfather studied at Clare College, Cambridge. He was young, far from his home in Cape Town, and in love with a ‘wee Scottish lassie’. This left an indelible mark on his life. He never married the lassie, he lived the rest of his life in Cape Town, and never spoke much of his college life. I remember the Clare College crest next to ‘his’ chair in their lounge, the Cambridge tie, and his love of anything linked to Scotland.

And here I was, walking the lawns of Clare College. I felt a connection with him. And offered a prayer of thanks for the things I learned from him: a love for the mountains, a respect for the sea, and a curiosity for people. Through him I have inherited an ability to speak to people and an interest in their lives. And I am enriched for being his grandson.

Henry Kennan Beard.

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Anonymous said...

Your writing reflects a stimulated and renewed mind and spirit. I am delighted for you. Heard a rumour today that there is no Phase 1 programme in CT next year. Something about not enough Candidates in the connexion. Paul only has nine for Jabavu!
Keep welland enjoy the last days over there
Much love