Monday, July 09, 2007


Yesterday I participated in a service celebrating the 70th birthday of the local Roman Catholic Church. Father Sannu was gracious in his welcome of the clergy from other church traditions. He concluded the service by presenting us each with candle to take back to our churches as a sign of our unity in Christ.

Then it was “tea after the service” in the Roman Catholic Church Hall. The four old ladies sat together. They had each collected their cup of tea, and an accompanying plate of eats – cake, scone, sandwich, koeksuster and samoosa. Now they were watching the crowd and passing comments between themselves. One was from the local church, the others were her neighbours: a Dutch Reformed member, an Anglican, and the third a Methodist. They shared one another’s churches. Whenever there was a function they all went together: “Today is the Catholic turn” they explained.

As I light the candle this Sunday I will remember the unity of these neighbours….and pray for an increase in neighbourliness between Christian traditions.


Mev Dominee said...

ah , yes.

Now if only we can get the people in our own congregations to act neighbourly towards each other.

rebecca said...



bugs said...

What a beautiful illustration of ecumenical unity! perhaps we should have less meetings and more time for tea...