Saturday, July 14, 2007

Changing Brands

I confess that I have changed allegiance.

After great joy at getting a new bike, I discovered that I had been sold a bike with a cracked frame - which caused great unhappiness. Needless to say I gave the bike back to the shop and after some delay got my money back. I then had an opportunity to buy another Tiger, but the owner was extremely rude to my wife, and I chose not to pursue this any further. Then my brother-in-law in Johannesburg persuaded me to look in Jo'burg. And with his assistance, the rest is history. See the attached photograph of my new bike.

The only problem is that it is in Johannesburg. So Jenny and I plan to fly to Jo'burg and ride the bike back over the September longweekend (22-24). Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

I Like.
Your Bike.

Ha Kohen said...

Fellow Biker. I knew I liked you. But I don't know about the switch. Is that a 1200 or the F series? The Tiger has the Speed Triple's 1050cc engine in it. It's not the biggest but it is Triumph.