Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am at my Church Synod until Saturday.. This is an annual meeting of the leadership of the Methodist Church in and around Cape Town. I enjoy meeting my colleagues. I use this as a moment to learn from rhem, to share stories of our common life, and to network our skills and gifts. I do not enjoy the politics, the gossip, and the grinding administrative beurocrasy of my church. Pray that we might be open to God at work amongst us.


Andrew Coles said...

Thinking of you, hope you have a good book to read :)

Delme Linscott said...

Strength to you Pete. Our Synod was two weeks ago and I am still suffering the 'hang-over' of disillusionment.

Arthur said...

With so much negative comment from so many within the ranks of the clergy, is it not time for denominational leadership to take stock of the purpose of Synod?

Surely this should be opportunity to celebrate with others what is being done in His name to make a difference in each circuit and district? Wouldn't it be more appropriate for church leaders to be focusing on building into the future rather than becoming bogged down in internal politics and the rattling of ego-tipped sabres?

I agree with Delme in his sense of "the hang-over of disillusionment" - what an indictment on the instrument Christ has chosen to be the agent of change in a broken world.

To my mind Synod should be a moment in the life of those who have given their lives to serve Christ in the church to celebrate with each other the calling on their lives, to grapple intelligently with the issues that demand attention and to be part of discerning God's will for the church in the coming year.

I have yet to meet a minister in the Methodist Church who is excited about the prospect of Synod - how sad...