Monday, May 04, 2009

Baviaanskloof....Part Two.

The roar of motorcycles behind us heralded 5 KTM 900 motorcycles. We were having lunch after crossing the river, when we heard the approaching bikes. After some consultation, they were soon crossing the river. One intrepid adventurer took a tumble in the reeds. We helped to fish him out and made sandwiches for all. This is a journey to be taken lots of photographic stops in appreciation of an ancient unspoiled beauty. In addition to the protea, the trees and the birds, there are buck, and lots of 'Baviaan' - the name given by the early Dutch colonists to the baboon who populate this mountain range. This beauriful part of my country is much needed fresh air for an asphixiated office dweller.

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Jen Tyler said...

Thanks for the continued updates on your journeys. Its beautiful, refreshing, and allowing me to live vicariously through you as I am stuck indoors working on my finals this week! That... and it makes me miss (you and) your beautiful country SO MUCH!