Monday, February 09, 2009

Thank you

I had a great weekend:
Saturday morning was spent with the extended family: we had a late breakfast for 12 of us. This included my sister and her children, and my parents. It was great to have time to talk, without the pressure of time. Plenty of laughter and joy in being a family.

Saturday afternoon I met up with congregation members from a previous church. They came to tea, and I enjoyed catching up on the friendship. It did not matter that 8 years have passed, or that they are much older than us – it was great to see them.

The two Sunday morning Church services were a joy. I worshipped with kind, generous people who laughed at my jokes, welcomed strangers amongst us, and were able to share one another’s joys and struggles. They were patient with Audrey, while she spoke about struggling to understand banking (she was supposed to encourage people to place a stop order on their accounts in favour of the church). They loved dear cerebral-palsied Jenny through her spasms. They were kind to someone who recently faced a family suicide. And they were accepting of our Zimbabwean guests.

I shared Sunday lunch with my colleagues in this circuit. They and their families came together over lunch and we laughed and relaxed in our mutual respect and friendship. And I treasure their care and support.

I led worship at the church of a colleague in the next door circuit. I am helping Kevin to rebuild the evening worship team (who were destroyed when the previous leader threw a tantrum and walked out along with the team members). It was a very hot evening – but “cool worship”. And I count myself privileged to be welcomed into their church.

Then the family got together to play 60 seconds and eat pudding. Lisa leaves for the USA tomorrow for 6 months. So we decided to spend the evening together. Mainly laughed at each other’s attempts to describe things unknown, and enjoyed to moment of being a family.

The photograph is of my wife Jenny and me.

I count myself greatly privileged.... immensely wealthy ..... deeply joyful.