Monday, February 23, 2009

Spreading her Wings

She is the other side of the world.
Lisa, my oldest daughter, graduated from UCT at the end of 2008. She has now 'taken the gap' and finds herself in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This required initiative in getting herself there, finding accomodation and work, and negotiating her way through all the red tape of passports and visas and banks. I believe that it is the task of parents to help our children develop their own independence. But I am finding it hard to imagine 'my little girl' driving in a foreign land, organising her own finances, and sorting out her own values and norms. Lisa has growed up!

And I am proud of her.


Hanno Prinsloo (only me) said...

lol at Thomas !!!

you should be proud of your 3 daughters. You raised them well.

how is the shotgun practice coming along ?? you are going to be needing it me thinks. With smart girls like that the boys are going to beat down your door.


(word verification : Pstrand = a beach used for peeing ??)

Anonymous said...

She's doing great, and is a huge help to us, as well as a lot of fun to have around. :)

Anonymous said...

I have 3 that must still get there!! You have done well. Good on you Pete. Grace. Pieter

Steve Hayes said...

I know the feeling. My daughter has been in Greece for 10 years, a perpetual student. But I still remember when she first went, had never been on a plane before (apart from a short flip in a microlight). It was quite scary. But they manage. And you can sometimes follow their exploits in Facebook, even if they don't write!

Anonymous said...

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