Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rugby Etiquette


Scout with the Cross said...

Yes, but look it takes 2 Sprinkboks to take out 1 English man!!!!

Murray & Gina UK said...

Aaah... the fun!
I'm getting more and more stick for being a staunch Springbok supporter amongst all these foreigners... watching SA beat England on Saturday whilst living in the heart of rural rugby playing Kent is going to be such fun!

Superslug said...

As a qualified ref I would say that that greeting has just given Jonny a clear kick at goal.

Blatent high tackle.

Just what the red and whites wanted to happen!

Saturday will be tense!


Superslug said...

Congratulations to you Pete and the RSA team, a great hard fought match. Well Done.


Wessel Bentley said...

What is the difference between an arconist and the English rugby team? The arsonsist wouldn't waste 8 matches. Told this joke as I entered the pulpit, conducted the service, served communion, put on my Springbok jersey and greeted people at the door .