Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I know some people in England.
A bit embarrassing to admit right now....considering the looming Rugby World Cup and all.
But I am a very liberal and tolerant sort of fellow... and I am committed to accepting all sorts and types of people. And I am even willing to admit that there are some Englishmen who are better than most. The best Englishmen are those who are willing to buy Springbok kit and wear it in acknowledgement of our great team.

But some are just so blind and besotted that they cannot see the light – especially when it comes to the Gentlemen’s game of Rugby. I suggest that you take a look at John’s Blog to see how low some of my ‘friends’ have sunk. I was more comforted by Sue , who is a deacon in the British Methodist Church. She has offered to send me an English Rugby jersey for a ceremonial burning when they lose the game.

Please pray for the English. They are going to be so sad.

*Eish is used to express sympathy when someone falls flat on their face.


Deacon Sue said...

hey friend, england rugby shirts are made of asbestos!

Murray & Gina UK said...

A neighbouring vicar asserted that the red and white rose was going to triumph over the green and gold this Saturday, my vicar (and boss - bless him) just laughed!
Oh it is going to be a fun weekend!

Scout with the Cross said...

Pete, Listen Mate there will be no need to pray for us English. We have come out of the obscurity we were in at the start of this year to be the No 1 rugby team as we will prove on Saturday.

The Springboks might start favourites, but that is to our advantage. Enjoy the match and don't cry too much at the end.

Anonymous said...

The only team to beat us in the last two world cups. Revenge will be sweet, never mind S.A see you in four years!!!