Tuesday, September 11, 2007


11 September
Today is a sad day.... Sad because it marks the death of so many people.
Some died in the terrible act of terror on the World Trade Centre in New York. And I will never forget the images of the twin towers on fire. And of people trapped helplessly inside the building. And I wept on September 11.
Many more people have died as a consequence of the revenge taken by the people of the United States of America. The angry frustration of the American people boiled over in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. And now there are noisy threats against Iran. And uncounted thousands have died at the hands of modern American warriors.
And I weep at the senselessness of it all.
I cannot see how killing more people is the way to making us all feel secure. I do understand that it might grant some sort of temporary relief for those who want to hit back. And I do see how it can be some sort of outlet for those who want to be seen to be doing something.
But I do not feel safer after the blood-letting. I choose instead to follow the teachings of one who said “..do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you” (Matthew 5:39)...because “I will pay back says the Lord” (Deuteronomy 32:35). When I take revenge I presume to play God in other people’s lives. And there are way too many cruel people who claim to act on behalf of God already.
Cry with me today.


Wessel Bentley said...

Today is also a happy day. Our little Matthew turns 4 today. At 7:30 this morning, we sat quietly and remembered the trauma and anxiety which accompanied our anticipated joy and celebration. Today he is an energetic little boy, and has a gorgeous girlfriend.

Today we are reminded that when all we can see is death and suffering, not giving any hope for the survival of the innocent, that there is a greater power at work. I cannot make sense of it, and rationally I would not know how to speak of this hope to people who have experienced the death of a child, but for us on this day, we can only be filled with grateful thanksgiving.

Murray & Gina UK said...

Thanks Rock,

I am most sad because those who seek revenge most often use God's name. I think God weeps with us, and waits more patiently than you or I could, for God's loved people to find a way of peace...

David Barbour said...

And elderly lady said to me that she had no more tears left. I thought she was sharing some deeper psychological issue but it turned out that old age does this? I sometimes wish I had tears. So much atrocity stares through my window I don't know how to respond, even paralyzed at times. I hope I will cry with you... to be human again.

bugs said...

Is this not the essence of blasphemy? that we start acting as if we are God. Revenge therefore is blasphemy in its purest form...

Spiritbear said...

Killing in the name of God has sadly become the American way. Over here people put up flags and act like its un-american to protest the war.

I am not sure what the attitude is over in South Africa, but in America its downright scary. If we keep it up, we will all live in a police state

shaelee said...

There is hope though (or hopelessness if it avails nothing).

In many communities, such as my own in NW Washington State, about four groups hold various sorts of peace vigils at different times and locations throughout the month.

There are many of us who have never supported this bloodletting.

Sadly, many Christians over here do back it, and feel like God is calling them to... I have felt ostracized among many Christians for being vocal about how this self-righteous war doesn't jive with the Heart of God.

Steve Hayes said...

There are two ways of playing it: one is the zero sum bame, where we try to buy our own security by making other people insecure. And the other is to reduce insecurity for everyone.