Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sun, Woman and Song

I was Flamjangled today.
It began with an invitation to attend a music festival just outside of Cape Town. I was informed that "Greg is playing". Greg is my daughter Jessica's boyfriend, and he plays for Nomadic Orchestra ( - a band that plays Balkan Fusion - and for a rockabilly band called Peachy Keen.

Under a beautifully sunny sky we piled in the car and headed beyond Durbanville to a farm filled with tents, a stage, and a humungous sound system. The festival was themed along the lines of a "Mad-hatter's tea party" and everyone wore outrageous hats and fantasy clothing.

And Greg played his guitar - very well! And I am proud of his musical skill. And enjoyed chillin' with my daughters. We danced, sang, ate, and generally had a happy day. I am privileged.
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