Monday, March 19, 2012

Me and the Monster

I left Cape Town just after 9am.... riding very cautiously and with some trepidation. I am riding a 2.3 litre monster that has three in-line cylinders pushing just me along the highway.

This bike is Big (note the capital "B"). And fast. And heavy. And such fun! The rider sits in the same position that is used for driving a car. And, to my surprise- I found it to be very comfortable.

I drove up the N1 past Paarl and through the DuToits Kloof mountains; on past Worcester and along the Hex River Valley and out into the Karroo. And then the fun began - because it was open road all the way to Bloemfontein!

And I used as much of the open space that I could: interrupted from time to time by roadworks with their stop/go system. By the time I got to Colesberg I had settled into a more confident ride, enjoying the available power when needing to pass a slower vehicle, and the wide soft saddle that left no sore butt.

Today was a great ride - Mr Monster.

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