Friday, March 02, 2012

50 Days

50 Days – of running with Mark Duncan.  Mark is a comedian disguised as a runner. He has a fund of stories, impersonations, and jokes; he manages to turn a minor incident into a major news event; and he is always unfailingly positive. This makes him the perfect running companion – because running with Mark will turn any distance into a happy adventure.  And I have had the privilege of his company for 50 days.  You can check out our journey at

We plan to run a minimum of 5km per day for at least 300 days this year….and to collect sponsors who will donate R1:00 for every day we run. The aim is to raise R100 000 in 2012 for the I Care non-profit organisation, so that they can broaden their reach and get a centre established in Pietermaritzburg. I Care provide a sustainable solution to helping street kids - check it out here:

Sponsor us!

You can donate safely online via BackaBuddy:


Directly to I Care:

Account Name: LHC FOUNDATION t/a I CAREBank: Nedbank     Branch: Business KZN

Branch Code: 164826
Account Number: 1648064566
Reference: iRun4iCare

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