Friday, September 27, 2013

Goin' to a motorcycle gathering (The Rhino Rally)

Today I get on my BMW1150 and join thousands of other motorcycle enthusiasts in Harrismith. This is the Rhino Rally: a social gathering of people from all over the country for a weekend of motorcycles and people. There will be a huge marquee on the soccer fields, which houses a bar and live music. There will be a ‘shenanigan street’ for wheelies and drags. On Saturday morning there will be a mass ride from the site, around town, down the hooligan street and back. There will be lots of prizes and trophies, flea markets, stalls and exhibitions ... oh yes also paramedics and a site hospital.

I go for the bikes, the friends, the crazy people, and for the ride. For just a moment I leave behind the responsibilities of life and become a kid again. Will keep you posted.  

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