Thursday, April 04, 2013

Shops and Women

I am in a Japanese clothing shop with my daughter, her mother, and her grandmother. But I could be in a clothing shop back in South Africa - or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The fact is that these three women love clothing shops! They browse the isles fingering the fabric and making comments to each other. Then they take various articles and try them on. And then they put them back on the rack. "Just looking" they answer. 

I have now walked three times around this shop. I have spotted all the exits. I have found the toilet - but it is a traditional Japanese model so I have decided not to sample it. I am on nodding acquaintance with every staff member. I have even tried asking if they are through with this shop: to be told "Nearly done".

Then the words of blessed release: "We are ready!" I naturally assume this to mean that I should head for the checkout till. (Oh yes - guess who's credit card will get used!) So I waited at the till, until I saw that they had got distracted by a rack of 'sale' items strategically placed on the way to the till.

So I am sitting on a bench at the door. Waiting. Sigh. 
The only thing I am sure about right now - is that there are other shops still to come!

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Anonymous said...

Ag, shame.

Steve Hayes said...

I once toured Europe with my mother and a friend. On arriving in a new town my mother and I would look for what was unique about the town -- art galleries, museums, architecture, scenery, buses and trams, churches. The friend would make straight for the shops, which were usually exactly the same as the ones in the last town we visited.