Saturday, September 29, 2012

Good News in Paul Roux

Paul Roux is a small Free State town that was established in 1909 by Dutch Reformed dominee Paul Roux on the farm Palmietfontein. According to local legend there was dispute as to the name of the new town, with the decision being reached by the roll of a boulder from the koppie above the town. The boulder landed face up displaying the name of the town as we encountered it today.

We have often driven past this Free State dorp without much thought. But today curiosity got the better of us and we decided to turn off the N5 and explore it.

Having driven down the main road (in this case 'up the road'), around the Dutch Reformed Church, and past the undertakers, we found the Pink Tricycle coffee shop. Take it from me - this is a good spot to stop! Its delightful owner hails from George, and bragged that she is "the only Coloured in this town". To add to this, she is also married to a local Afrikaans Boer. And if this was not enough of a challenge, he is 38years her senior! She speaks of her contentment with her life. She owns the coffee shop and the adjacent B&B. He owns a shopping centre in Bethlehem. She reassured us that their respective families have survived the shock, that the ooms and tannies of this town love her, and that there is no obstacle in her life that good humour and perseverance cannot solve.

In the midst of so many 'bad news' stories, this one gives me hope. And we will return to visit this place of inspiration.
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