Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coyote Café

It is called the Coyote Café.
A shop, restaurant, fuel stop and general place to take a break for travellers on the road between Bergville and Harrismith in the northern Drakensberg. It offers a great view, and good food. The number of travellers stopping here has dropped drastically because of what one travel writer describes as a "moribund road". This picturesque pass has been allowed to decay to a point where it is now dangerous to drive.

There was an attempt in 2011 to try to repair the road. The road was dug up, stop/go signs erected, and flags issued to workers to direct traffic along a one-way stretch of road under repair. Then the workers lost momentum - and left. For awhile the flag wavers did their duty and waved cars around the unrepaired road. But they too gave up and went home. So now the road stands unrepaired,but available to any who wish to brave it.....leaving the Coyote Café as the last outpost before the wilderness.
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Steve Hayes said...

Apparently the tenderpreneurs tendered for the repairs to the road, took the money and vanished.