Friday, June 03, 2011

Seminarians and the 21st Century

This morning's preacher originates from a context of oppression and poverty. He preaches in a style particular to rural black congregations - lots of emotion and imagery, delivered at increasing volume and passion.

But he is using a laptop for his sermon notes; and a microphone for his delivery; and has a power point presentation to illustrate the points of his sermon.

A fascinating blend of rural third world and technologically savvy first world.

My dream is for our seminarians to be able to grasp all the help that technology offers - and infuse this with cultural heart and soul. In this way the Gospel of Jesus can be shared with excellence, and take root in the human heart.
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Rev. M.P.H. Ndlangamandla said...

There is a glowing hope indeed for Africa, and the entire cosmos. Africa is hungry for a theology brewed in its own pots. Thank you Pete for encouraging budding ministers. That is what a real mentor does.