Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bullshit and Beauty

I love South Africa. This is a country of baffeling extreems. This past week we visited Laingsburg, Beaufort West, Aberdeen, Graaf Reinet, Cradock and in each were besieged by begging children. The poverty of these rural towns is sad. Somehow we as a country need to learn how to share our wealth. And this begins in the attitude of our hearts. Yet we are so blessed. Today i drove a 4X4 track through a game park. We experienced the beauty of golden-blond grasslands, blue tinged mountains, and vast vistas. We experienced the rich diversity of God's animal life, including: zebra, springbok, buffalo, bontebok, black wildebeest, reedbuck, black backed jackall. With this abundance there is so little reason for us to be selfishly posessive. The bullshit is the way we become comfortable with a few who have great wealth, and most who have very little. The beauty is always just below the surface - waiting to be unlocked.


Anonymous said...

the view is food for the soul! Peter, the awful reality of suffering is around us everyday. Hard working, honest people who earn a pittance, who long for a lie on the beach, a walk in Pick and Pay to buy anything exept basic food. A few weeks ago the kind and beautiful lady who works in our house commited siucide. She longed to have her child live with her (same age as our Hannah, she had finacial and relationship troubles. Such a waste. I am unable to think on these things for too long. Come Jesus.

bugs said...

It is a sad reality of our beautiful country. Hope you are resting well

rebecca said...

beauty is just below the surface so very true.

I have to admit, I burst out laughing when i read your title.