Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Second Advent

The depletion of a contemporary recognition of the radically political character of Advent is in large measure occasioned by the illiteracy of church folk about the Second Advent and, in the mainline churches, the persistent quietism of pastors, preachers, and teachers about the Second Coming. That topic has been allowed to be preempted and usurped by astrologers, sectarian quacks, and multifarious hucksters. Yet it is impossible to apprehend either Advent except through the relationship of both Advents.

-William Stringfellow


bugs said...

Wow, that is a mouthful! however, that was Stringfellow's thoughts on this topic. Please do the Peteology

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hi Pete,

A thought provoking and challenging insight! My last radio show (Advent, recapitulation and the Cosmic Christ) considered this very relationship! I have long been guilty of remembering the coming of Christ without looking forward to his return (which is of course both an eschatological and an imminent reality!)

You can listen to that recording here:

Much love,


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Traditionally, Advent has included the Second Coming, and therefore it was (or still is?) a period of penitence. I couldn't work out, however, what meanings the words in your post carried -- they have multiple meanings in the world that I inhabit.

Scout with the Cross said...

Being at Corrymeela with you and reading your Blog must be rubbing off on me. I preached on the second Sunday in Advent on John the Baptist and preparing ourselves for the second coming of Christ.

It is something in the comfortable West that is not talked or preached about enough.

Anonymous said...

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