Saturday, August 23, 2008

Local Preachers

The Local Preacher is key to sustaining the work of many small Methodist churches. They are lay people who have experienced a call to preach. After training they are given authority to preach in local congregations. i am in George training 100 preachers. They represent the three language/cultural groups of the Western Cape. And I am stimulated by rhis diversity and the challenge of cross-cultural teaching. i love being in South Africa.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hey Pete,

As always I'm inspired by your dedication and hard work.

Pete, from the comments above, it may mean that you've got to enable the random verification option for comments. Seems like you're being spammed my friend.



Jen Tyler said...

I love that you include in so many of your posts how much you love your country, your city, and your community for reasons like great challenges or incredible diversity. It reminds me that if we open our eyes and hearts to it, there should never be a reason to become "bored" or "accustomed" to where we are or what we are doing.
South Africa is blessed to have you.