Monday, January 29, 2007

Chill Dude

She is beautiful. I spent the morning with her and fell in love. She is somewhere in her mid-thirties, but has aged well. She still moves with grace and poise, responding joyfully to my touch. She lies well on her side, and offers full bellied response to my every whim. And I am grateful to my friend and mentor Peter Storey for allowing me to play with his boat.

We were sailing in False Bay. It was a very hot Cape Town day, and we initially feared that there was not enough wind to make the day worth while. But once we had cleared the harbour we found a Westerly wind that carried us away from the diesel smells of the Naval ships. Past the light house, with its backdrop of mountains and houses scattered along its side. The water-cooled air was a welcome contrast to the sweltering summer’s sun overhead.

As the water hissed against the gunwales I was glad to be alive.
And was reminded that I play too little. I allow the cares and responsibilities of life to become the meaning of my living. And forget the words of the Master who spoke about allowing the worries of tomorrow to take care of themselves.

So if you are reading this – please pause and take a deep breath, and breathe out the stresses of your day.
Say after me: “Eish – môre is nog ‘n dag” (for those who do not live in South Africa you can translate this as “chill dude”)



Anonymous said...

I could'nt agree with you more!

sail on...............

Wessel Bentley said...

Just watch out for the Great Whites. By this I do not mean the likes of FW, your mayor or anybody else with free moving extremities.