Saturday, May 06, 2006

Friends are God's Gift to Life

I have some amazing friends. Or perhaps I should say that there are some amazing people out there who put up with me. My friends make sure that my opinions are moderated by theirs, that my arrogance is crushed by constant humiliation, and that I am told as often as possible that I have much still to learn.

Which brings me to my thought for today:
I have a rich life. This is because of my friends. I want to put on record some (not all) of those who presently shape my life:
I acknowledge my love for Alex, who teaches me biking – and in the process great humility; Peter, who has helped me uncover my self-righteousness – and so helps me live with my frailties; Dave and Dave – friends who hold me accountable to a monthly lunch; Deon, who pushes me out of my comfortable middle years – and has made me desire gadgets; Charmaine, who allows me to work alongside her – and in turn pushes me to greater levels of excellence; Sidwell, who told me I was an inheritor of white privilege – and helps me contribute to a better future; Ruthie, who points out frozen places inside me – and pushes me to work at my relationships; Wes, whose transparent honesty shows up my pretenses; Lynn, who keeps me in line each day - with much grace and charm; William, who challenged my manhood ( I am sure I have it somewhere!) and helps me discover new male vitality; Kevin, who offers coffee, support, and an accountablity to my use of time; Rautie, who has an inbuilt bullshit detector – and has challenged most of mine over many hours of road running; and most especially Jenny, who has loved me unconditionally – and who still continues to put up with me;

If you are reading this and do not find your name here this is not because I do not appreciate you. It is just that by publishing your name I make you vulnerable to police file!


Anonymous said...

I am Honoured x x

Anonymous said...

A Good friend brings light into our world- he is a 'Warrior of Light'
A warrior of light knows that he has much to be grateful for. He was helped in his struggle by the angels: celestial forces placed each thing in its place, thus allowing him to give of his best.
His companions say; 'He's so lucky' andd the warrior does sometimes achieve things far beyond his capabilities.
That is why, at sunset, he kneels and gives thanks for the protective cloak surrounding him.
His gratitude, however, is not limited to the spiritual world: he never forgets his friends, for their blood mingled with his on the battlefield.
A warrior does not need to be reminded of the help given him by others; he is the first to remember and he makes sure to share with them any reward he receives.

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Thanks Pete! Now, we need to try and get your Palm Treo set up so that you can monitor your blog while riding your bike down Main road....



Wessel Bentley said...

Wow Pete, Thanks.

Your friendship to me cuts through my own fogginess and forces me to think more broadly.