Friday, April 21, 2006

Motorcycles gather people! Pull up at the shop and people gather around to look.. Arrive on a bike and other bikers will say hello. Park a bike on a street corner and passers by will cast a glance. And some of the best friendships in the world are cemented around a bike.Tonight I met together with some wonderful biking friends. Friends who have ridden with me through rain and cold. Friends who have sympathised with my fear of gravel roads – and helped me ride them. Friends who have warned me when the speed traps are around. And friends who take me seriously as a person. They hear my joys, and share my fears. And we ride together.And I wanted to express appreciation for friendship. As publicly as possible. So tonight I begin a blogspot. And maybe I will say more about my friends. And maybe they will reply. And maybe I will discover more about myself Posted by Picasa

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Wonderful Pete! Welcome to the blogosphere! I hope you update your blog far more frequently than I do mine.

I look forward to reading what you are thinking about, doing, enjoying and struggling with...

PS. Well done with the recent publication of your book!!!!