Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has my prayers – and sympathy.

President Obama has been elected by voters who anticipate change.... and lots of it. He also has support from people around the world who long for a different experience of Americans. But the reality is that any change he brings will only be as effective as the myriads of civil servants who have to put it into practice. All governing systems have people within it who benefit from the status quo. These are the people who found ways to profit from the governance of George Bush. And these are the people who will resist President Obama.

Let us pray for President Obama: that he has the wisdom to know how best to move the levers of power. And let us pray for God to soften the hardened hearts of those who have no wish to change. And let us pray for the United States of America – that this nation will choose to be less arrogant and become more sensitive to those who struggle in life.