Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am an African

Jenny and I went to see The Lion King in Johannesburg.
And I am proud of what has been done to what was a Hollywood movie.
Not only was the theatre purpose built for the show, and the props truly magnificent, but the dance and music has been appropriated by Africa. This is no longer the Western Hollywood kitch: it is African….African rhythm, Arican dance, African language. (Even to one Hyena calling another a “moegoe”).

It is not a show to watch. It is a show that invites participation. Clap with the songs, laugh with the actors, and whistle in appreciation. This is infectious.

And I know that at a very deep place I am an African.

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Emily said...

I've seen the show twice. It's a zillion times better than the movie. Glad its finally playing where you guys are, (and where it really belongs). Enjoy your trip! (And I apologize on behalf of all kitschy Westerners...)