Friday, September 21, 2007

मोटरसाईकिल Diaries

Jenny and I were married in 1982.
We were both 25 years old. We thought that we were in love – so much so that we got engaged three months after beginning our relationship. We were so innocent.

Yet we have survived : 25 years... that have seen three daughters; five different homes; post natal depression; a husband who got so involved in work that he became distracted and grumpy; the deaths of three dogs and two cats; the death of a father; a mother coming to live with us; wrinkles and sore joints; and a rediscovery of the joy of being together .

Tomorrow Jenny and I fly to Johannesburg.
We will see the Lion King. Then we will collect a motorcycle (BMW GS 1150) and ride back to Cape Town. This will take us five days. Five days of ‘going nowhere slowly’. Five days in which we will reclaim our marriage. Five Days of celebrating our life together.

And I am content.


dorsey said...

You're living the dream, bro... love it. Sweet bike, too.

Wessel Bentley said...

Drive carefully and enjoy. Thanks for a lovely time in Cape Town. Sorry, forgot to mention you in my blog, but feel included.

Sleepy Dog said...

Enjoy each minute, and give Jenny our love.

Stu & Deb

Andre Buttner said...

Enjoy the ride!

Murray & Gina UK said...

Well done you two!
Hope the bike is all the dream you'd like!