Saturday, July 14, 2007

the only true church

And just when I thought it was safe to be with Roman Catholics….

This week Pope Benedict XVI reasserted the universal primacy of the Roman Catholic Church. He corrected the “erroneous interpretation” of Vatican Two that had dropped the Catholic Church’s insistence that there is no salvation outside of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Benedict writes that other Christian denominations are not true churches but are instead ecclesial communities and, therefore, do not have the “means of salvation”.

How can he think that belonging to his church guarantees salvation?
When will he discover that God loves all people - irrespective of the church, mosque, temple or tree they sit under?
And that God comes in search of people.
And that God does not require membership of a religious organisation to befriend human beings.
And that God chooses to save anyone God pleases - without first examining a membership card.


Wessel Bentley said...

Hey Pete,

Travel safely, nice bike, and Nats says you're her hero. Mine too! The more time I spend in the RCC, the less convinced I am that their priests understand what they are saying. It is a bit like listening to G.W. Bush. Chat later. Are you going to Conference? Can we hook up sometime if you're not?

becky said...

This gave me a good laugh. Preach it brother!