Friday, July 27, 2007


York vs Kent at Scarborough.
John and Sue Culver took me to a day of county cricket. Scarborough Cricket Ground is small and intimate. £15 for a day of ribald commentary from the old gents sitting at the back on their deck chairs, passionate crowds who clearly wanted York to win, dark threatening clouds overhead, and beer. Oh yes – cricket.

We sat on the wooden benches and joined the comments on the performance of the cricketers. We also ate hot chips, and drank a variety of beverages. In the afternoon the heavens opened and everyone scurried to the bar to shelter from the rain. More comments about the weather, and the game, and the weather, and the state of the pitch, and the weather, and the calibre of the players, and the weather. Until it became clear that there would be no more cricket because the outfield was collecting water.

A cheerful crowd wound its way out of the grounds – the old timers to the nearby fish and chip shop where they will get a pensioners discount. Local cricket is just great.

(Wouldn’t it be wonderful if local church was as good?)

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