Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Holidays

The Americans are right! (Well you will not hear me say this too often, because I am highly allergic to the Bush led desire to crush anyone who dares to threaten American access to oil). But the Americanism “Happy Holidays” is a very helpful greeting.

Because where I live the people all say “Happy Christmas” instead. This essentially Christian greeting is said to everyone and anyone – irrespective of whether there is Christian or any other form of faith behind the greeting. I was greeted this afternoon by a very drunk man, who sought to excuse his public drunkenness by telling me that “it is Krismis afterall”. Christmas became his excuse for inebriation.

Just like Christmas becomes the excuse for overeating; and Xmas becomes the excuse for shops to invite us to max out the credit cards; and Kersmis becomes the excuse for nookie with the secretary at the office party; and Krrissmass becomes the reason for drunkenness and violence. And what we really mean is “Holiday”. These activities are really holiday induced. A mass for Christ will not invite people into gluttony, and debt, and debauchery. But holiday fever can.

So for those who want to break free of socially accepted restraints – please blame the holidays. Perhaps some of us can wish people a happy Christ-mass.


Don said...

Spot on Pete, far to many people forget the Christ behind christ-mas

Wessel Bentley said...

Here in Pta, people compete in decorating their houses! In Waterkloof there is real competition.

Murray & Gina UK said...

You haven't seen people abusing Krismess until you've seen the obsene amounts of money spent in the UK on decorations etc.
Drive around a little and you know that even though many profess near pverty, or live on the Dole, there is pots of disposable income in the first world... ironically its all 'disposed' of.

The Fridge Elf said...

Used this as a sermon illustration...hope you don't mind. And don't worry, there was a HOW?!