Thursday, November 30, 2006


Fifty is an amazing number. It is a goal, a lure, an idiosyncrasy, a notable record, and a marker. Cricket lovers applaud 50 runs, Paul Simon sang of Fifty ways to leave your lover, and the US of A discovered a way to collect a country into 50 pieces. Interesting trivia is published under titles such as Fifty ways to freak your friends; Fifty years of Stock Car Racing; Fifty roads to Town; Love songs of the last fifty years

In Latin it is symbolised as ‘L’. Other languages have their own appellations; Chinese: 五十 (wǔ shí), Korean: 쉰 (swin), Russian: пятьдесят, Greek: πενήντα, Hebrew: חֲמִשִּׁים (khamishím) and the language of heaven hanner cant vigesimal (Welsh)

So where does all this take us?
Well this is my 50th blog. And I have just entered my 50th year on planet earth. And, to use the cricketing term, I am “not out”. Thank you to all who stop off in this space. The thing I enjoy about this is that I write what I like. And if you do not like it, you are not compelled to return.

50 mark questionnaire (2 marks per question)
I got this from e-mail. Try it with your friends.
Things you may not have known about me...(and probably don't want to know!)

My Name?
Rock in the Grass, which is a play on my name. It also speaks of the capacity to stub the toe of the passer by. And I hope that those who read this blog are sometimes stumbled into wakefulness.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Bicycle shop assistant
2. Military Physical Training Instructor
3. Flange machine operator.
4. Teacher

Four places I have lived:
1 Cape Town
2 Mthatha, Transkei.
3 Pietermaritzburg
4 Standerton

Four Books I am glad I read:
1. James Michener – The Novel
2. Eric Lomax – The Railway Man
3. Pamela Stephensen - Billy
4. Arthur Ashe – Days of Grace

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Livingstonia, Malawi.
2. Ugab River, Namibia
3. Murchison Falls, Uganda
4. Zanzibar

Four of My Favourite foods:
1. Pasta anything
2. Butternut Soup
3. Cappuchino Muffins
4. Bobotie

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Having coffee with my wife Jenny
2. Walking the Camino de Santiago
3. Camping with friends
4. Standing on Table Mountain.

Please have some fun today!


Wessel Bentley said...

Hope the next 50 of everything will be as good as, or better that the current. Blessings.

Word verification "qduch" - a game described in Harry Potter.

Murray & Gina UK said...

Hey many happiness uncle Rock

In the words of AA Milne (whose book I bought in the original Hundred Acre Wood)
"'HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY', Pooh looked on admiringly"

Word Verification: kjliu - I swear they're just using a Klingon dictionary!

Gus said...

hey rock in the grass... and I just thought you were pushing 20. God bless you very much, looking forward to being in the same district in about a week!

Andre Buttner said...

zpffb50, really, who would have thought! I am speaking of the number of blogs of course. Congrats and here's to the next 50 (blogs, not years).

Denise said...

Well, now I really am jealous! You stumbled upon my blog from your post in South Africa? I feel sure I've never had a visitor from South Africa on my blog, and you came by when my site meter was down, so I have no record of your visit! Canada (several friends there,) and Australia, but not you.

Except that you left me a nice note. Thank you.

Come back another time. My site meter is fixed.


Anonymous said...

Pete - as always, you leave footprints of an interesting self. How small this village has become - the trans atlantic crossing at the push of a few buttons.

Shayne, Jon-Mark and I spent the Christmas break in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, visited the Grand Canyon by helicopter, landing within for a picnic lunch. Beyond awesome! I thought you needed a bit of envy for the day. See you. Ross

Bergwind said...

Hey Pet-Rock, nice blog, finally have got to read it and am impressed. Can identify, as you know, with the loss (and return!) of prodigal children. Your musings around perfection, Christmas -- Happy Holidays etc. are most challenging and helpful! With 2007 in full swing I wish you joy, peace and good fellowship as you approach the big 50! Yes, its good to reflect but the body and bones just don't quite work the same anymore! Look forward to our next lunch-blog! Shalom - Bergwind!