Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Smelling the Viscera

Biking evokes all the senses of the body.
My motorcycle leads me to discover the joy of feeling alive in ways that are beyond reason. Biking is visceral. It touches the intestines - the stuff of feeling, and emotion and passion.

I was reminded afresh of this on Sunday.

I met with seven other two-wheeled enthusiasts just outside Port Elizabeth. We did the usual dog-like thing of sniffing around each other bikes to see whose arse sat on what size engine. And then we were off – howling down the highway testing the early morning air. This sunshine-warmed air soon gave way to the chilly Gamtoos valley, where we stopped to pee in the river. Then on through farms that exuded the distinctive smell of cows, followed by the fresh sea air of Cape St Francis. This section of the trip concluded itself with the smells of bacon, egg and sausage. And as we sat around the table I enjoyed the visceral passion of seven other men. Men who had decided to set aside the cares of their lives and play a bit.

And I sensed the Creator playing along with us: a Being who had sent a variety of sensory experiences our way. And I was content.


Gus said...


digitaldion said...

Oh boy! I am jealous!!! I wish I could have been there.

Just this afternoon Gus (see post above) saw me on my BRAND NEW (old) Vespa, a 1968 Vespa VLB (do a google image search) It is lovely!

Even if I was in your area I could never keep up.

I got my blub blub blub 150cc of 1968 Italian style today. She is a little beat up, but her engine purs! I will spend a few months (and a few Rand) fixing her up.