Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Mission Field Too

To continue from my last blog:
You know – the one about the ordination service?

Well the venue was too small for the event. The pushing, the shoving, and the downright duplicity displayed by people grabbing at seats was reminiscent of the soccer hooligans that get arrested by the police. This was not done by people of another faith. This was the red, black and white uniformed members of the church. The seats were reserved, and tickets were issued. These faithful, but unticketed, members shoved their way in and plonked their bums on the reserved seats. When a plea was made for those without tickets to leave their seats, no one stirred. And people with tickets were shut outside.

Over the exit of this church is a sign informing us that on leaving we are “now entering the mission field”. This sign is profoundly wrong. The mission field is sitting in the pews of the church.


Gus said...

Its embarrasing isn't it... (I don't even now how to spell embarrassed). The word for today is 'sptlyerx' - I think it has to do with the sound a seat makes under a particularly big bum.

Anyways - I think if you make the chubby guy on the piano stool a little smaller - then your side navigation will come back.


Murray & Gina UK said...

ok, I got a bit lost there...
is the chubby guy on the piano stool one of the bums who wouldn't move? Cos he looked like he was moving at a hell of a speed for a chubby naked guy on a piano stool.

By mission did you mean the Chuck Norris, 80's flick kind, or the falling off a waterfall to really moving (hehe - still thinking about the chubby-piano-guy) music kind?