Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eating the fruit is not important.
It is the decision to take the fruit that matters. Whether we look at the parable of Adam and Eve, or the countless schoolboy escapades with the neighbour’s fruit trees, the issue remains clear: the fruit is desirable and there for the taking. The question is: “Do I take it, or do I choose to leave it?”
This then is the constant theme of life. I have choices. I choose to do one thing and I choose not to do another. The thing that sets us apart from the animals is our capacity to weigh the consequences of our actions, and exercise choice. We then live with the consequences – for we have chosen.

This week two young men were killed in Cape Town: their lives taken away by other young men who chose to pick bitter fruit. I mourn the bitter fruit that was picked.
This week I too have chosen: chosen to leave ripe fruit on the tree. And am at peace.
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Dreamz said...

Hi Pete,
Its great to read that you are on the cutting edge.
Life without tough choices is no life at all. It's only in the choosing that we grow. Look life in the face with out flinching!
Stand firm and face the wind.
I do hope someone picks the fruit before it goes 'frot'!!!!!!!!!