Thursday, March 28, 2013


Today, in Osaka-Shi we walked through ‘American town’. And I suppose it makes sense. In South Africa I have visited ‘China Town’, and ‘Indian Town’ and ‘Little Italy’ – so why not have an ‘American Town’ in the middle of a very large Japanese City. It is called Ame-mura by the Japanese and is located in Shinsaibashi in the Minami district of Osaka.

Let us be clear: This section of the city is not American. It is really an expression of the fascination of Japanese young people with all things American. This consists of shops selling American branded clothing and the products of American chain food outlets. There are Japanese girls who dress in jeans and impossibly high heels, who dye their hair blond or brown, and who wear hip-hop caps. The music of American musicians play in every shop, and leather jackets and high tops are the uniform of the young men.

In truth, it is lively and fun and young – and Japanese.


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