Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This weekend our seminarians become missionaries when they travel to the Durban Central Methodist Church. This is an inner-city church, located in the midst of a diverse population drawn from the people that live in southern Africa.

They are joining the Nzondelelo movement for the weekend. This began in 1870 in Edendale, near Pietermaritzburg, born out of a desire for the Christian Gospel to be heard in the words and idiom of Zulu people. Daniel Msimang challenged the white missionaries to trust the Gospel of Jesus in the hands of the indigenous Zulu people. And this missionary movement has become a vehicle for the liberating, joyful invitation to live like Jesus.

Pray for the 90 seminarians, that they might be faithful ambassadors for Jesus.
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Charles Murcott said...

Thank you, Peter - you have helped me to understand the spread of Methodism in Kwazulu Natal better, and therefore answer my Wesley Studies question for local preaching more intelligently. Hope you are well. Our Margie and Prince are getting on very well. Sadly Stephen and Jacqui have parted permanently - Stephen has the children. Jean is doing very well at the old slave church in Somerset West. I am retired, so assist her.Best regards, Charles Murcott