Sunday, April 03, 2011


Jenny and I celebrate 29 years of marriage today.
We were married in the morning at the Prestbury Methodist Church by the Rev Ray Light, followed by a lunch in the Lutheran Church Hall at Hayfields.

We have been blessed with a good marriage. Jenny deserves a medal for putting up with my cranky ways and single-minded idiosyncrasies. I have made many mistakes, and still have so much to learn about life. I am grateful for her friendship and support.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Congratulations! And may there be at least 29 more.

roygbiv said...

Congratulations guys

Barbara Shallue said...

A belated congratulations!! We're approaching our 30th (August) so I know very well what an accomplishment 29 years of marriage is. I'm sure she feels as blessed as you do!

Thomas Scarborough said...

Congratulations on 29 years! Looks as though she survived the years better than you. ;-)

I lost my wife just before the 29-year mark. I hadn't realised how deep the emotional ties were in the ordinary things.