Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flights of Fury

She was angry. She was so angry that her voice had become a shrill screech and her words were punctuated with expletives. She threatened to sue the airline. And she shook her fist at the counter check-in person. And she demanded that they pay her a full refund in addition to giving her a free flight. And free drinks. And she was going to the newspapers. And she knew influential people who would hear what a useless airline this was. And on and on it went.

All because the plane was not big enough for everyone who had booked. There were 5 of us in the same predicament. We were bumped off the budget flight (the one with no frills, food, and comfortable seats) onto a British Airways flight with food, drink, newspapers, and spacious seating. In addition we were given a voucher for a free flight. And we were asked to wait an hour for this flight. What a bargain!

She did not agree - but then she clearly does not belong in Africa. This is a continent that asks a measure of flexibility when it comes to time. And once we learn to deal with delays, shifting deadlines, and waiting in line - well it is a beautiful day.

And I am grateful for my life.
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Anonymous said...

Flexibility is indeed a key ingredient in happiness!

Gus said...

you were duped.

and now you're duping yourself.

corporations that disrespect people and their time do not belong in Africa (or anywhere else)