Monday, April 05, 2010

Proud of Her

On Saturday I had an amazing morning: I completed the Two Oceans half-marathon. I have run it before: but this was my best ever…. because I ran it with my daughter Lisa.

My happiest moment was when we entered the stadium. We ran down the final stretch: with crowds on both sides. And they were applauding. And I felt so proud to be running alongside Lisa.
You see here is the thing:
Three years ago she was very, very sick. She had no energy even to get through her day without having an afternoon nap. But as she got better she decided to run this race. So Lisa and I have been training together. We trained during the week. And over the weekends we have run progressively longer races – first 10km, then 15 km, and now the 21km.

I am proud of her willingness to set a difficult challenge for herself. There are much easier 21km runs, but she was determined to run this one. I am proud of her ongoing commitment to this challenge, even when she was juggling work, studies and social life. And I am proud of her for not giving up during the race, particularly when she was tired and struggling with sore feet and fluctuating sugar levels.

Lisa inspires me to commit to my own goals. And not to give up on my dreams and ideals. I am proud to be her father.

The photograph is taken by my friend Jurgen . He is a fabulous photographer and I would encourage you to use him.

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Slabbie said...

Well done to both of you. I salute you.