Sunday, February 07, 2010


My friend and colleague Fikile is having to deal with something truly terrible. This is the report of the incident on the front page of the Cape Argus today:

"The wife of a Methodist minister was found stabbed to death in her Bothasig home on Friday night on her 54th birthday. Police have named as a suspect an 18-year-old relative, who has since disappeared.

Expecting to celebrate his wife's birthday, Fikile Makananda and three of his children arrived home just after nine with a cake. But instead of a celebration, they were confronted by Nonkosi's body lying in a pool of blood in the living room.

She had been stabbed seven times in the chest. There were also slashes on her arms indicating she had tried to fend off her attacker. There were no signs of forced entry and nothing had been taken from the house.

Rumours are flying around - including one that says his son is missing.
I ask your prayers for this trumatised family.


Cecilia said...

Oh, Pete, this is horrible. Prayers for all are ascending.

Steve Hayes said...

Lord have mercy

Barbara said...

Praying for them. It's just too sad for words.

Anonymous said...

Pete, thank man for this. Firstly ay her soul rest in peace. We need to pray for the kid and Fiks as well as the missing family member. One thing is for sure, Mama Nonkosi was a mother to to all.

When I they were in Pary she was like mother to the people of Parys. On behalf of the Dithuge family and the entire community of Parys I pass the heart felt condolances.

Scout with the Cross said...

This is so sad. Prayers are being said here in the UK