Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sexually Angry

I am dismayed by the vitriol and anger that human sexuality can generate.

• I have read articles from sexually abused people who want to kill their abusers. I understand this – but discover that the abuser is often one who was abused in his/her past. The abuser is as damaged as the abused. So I do not see how killing someone solves the problem. But I can see that this does provide the satisfaction of revenge.
Sadly the abuser is most often known to the abused. Often this is a family friend or neighbour – someone who is trusted. The betrayal of trust is probably the hardest kind of hurt to heal.

• I have read Christian anger at Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual people. Christians do not agree on this one. While I do not believe that being homosexual is sinful, I can understand how some Christians feel threatened when others disagree with their deepest held convictions. What I do not understand is the crusading zeal that seeks to destroy alternative views.

Jesus never enforced his belief system on other people. His was always an invitation that could be accepted or rejected.

Sadly many gay people have been hurt by Christian crusaders. Some, convinced that their homosexual orientation is sinful, spend their lives feeling guilty about the way they experience human sexuality. Others, seeking to true to their sexuality, are forced to leave the church they love – because some “straight” Christian people cannot cope with them.

Healing might include prayer. It is vital for every hurting person to know that they are loved/treasured by God. But it also must include confession from the perpetrators of the hurt; and wise counselling; and a loving community to provide support and care.

Pray that I might not fail those who are sexually scarred.

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