Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I used to be a runner.

In fact I have run lots (and lots) of very long road races, many more 21km races, and countless 10km races as training runs. But I have stopped running. As I wonder why, I realise that it is because I have achieved all the goals I set for myself: I built a clock out of the 12 medals from the 90km Comrades Marathon; I got my double blue number for the 56km Two Oceans (more than 20 races); I ran a sub three hour marathon, a 94 minute 21km, and a 40 minute 10km race. And so I ran out of motivation to run.

Now my legs are tired, my knees are sore, I am 15kg heavier, and I am grumpy.
So I have decided to run the Two Oceans Half marathon (21km). This asks me to begin from scratch. I have not run since the middle of March. And I am asking you to help me:

For those who believe that God is the great Rule Giver: please send me messages from time to time reminding me that my salvation depends on me reading running books every day, and running regularly, and donating 10% of my time to the road, and confessing each moment when I failed to meet my training targets. You can add a rebuke such as: “You need to reform your life”, or “You are backrunning (aka ‘backsliding’), or “You will not be part of the crowd on the Great day of Reckoning.

For those who believe God to be Grace and Love and Peace: please send me messages that encourage me to see benefit in my suffering, and to discover that I am accepted on the road ‘just as I am’, and that all are welcome to run – even someone who has lost the faith as badly as me – and that I must run with determination because that great cloud of witnesses is waiting for me.

For those who look instead to the power of books, please send me messages that ask me to pursue “the Road Less Travelled”, and discover the “Long Road to Freedom”, and take “the Long Way Round”.

Just do not tell me that I am fat, and old, and lazy.


bugs said...

Far be it from me to advise,i could never run "a mile in your shoes"

Deacon Sue said...

I went up to Fort William in Scotland at the weekend to support John who ran his first race in 20 years...part of his own journey of re-building and reclaiming his confidence in himself. It was a half marathon and he did it in 100 minutes, his own goal was to run it in anything under two hours.

perhaps if you enroled him on the Two Oceans, we could come and crash at yours and you and John could do it together.

Love Sue

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hey Pete,

I wish you every blessing! I look forward to hearing of your victory!

I'll confess that I envy you! I have not run since my accident. I'm pleased that I have been back on my bicycle, but my body longs for the smooth rhythm of a long run!

One of my favourite memories is a run just like that. I can't tell you how frequently I have thought of that hour and bit on the road in the last few months! You can read about my experience here: Poetry to prose

Pete, you're a source of constant blessing and inspiration!

With love,

(word verification for today... bachizi... It's a warning, if you eat too much chizi you will get a sore bach while running ;-)

only Me said...

1Wicked people run away

when no one chases them, (Prov 28:1(a))

Me , I will leave the running to you guys. I have never even had the longing to go and run. Tried it when I was much younger. Didn't like it.

I think that riding a motorbike down a twisty road next to the ocean is a much better way to get from one ocean to another and cleans the head wonderfully.

Good luck with the preparation for the race.


PS: my new blog is up.

barbara s said...

I'll wish you luck, although I'll never understand why or how someone can run for more than 30 minutes! And usually I run much less than that - two miles a day to get it over with. I enjoy the feeling afterward, but not so much during.
But,nevertheless, I'll try to remember to send messages encouraging you!

Scout with the Cross said...

Hi Pete

Pleased to see you are back in the groove. I'm still out there running so you should too. Done 2 10k runs this year plus just done the Great South Run in Portsmouth.

So if an old cogger like I can still find the motivation, I'm sure you can