Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bad Driving

The traffic light changed to green, and I accelerated my bike to the left into an open road - and was cut off by an approaching car that thought to go around the corner quicker than I did.

So I braked and let him cut me off.
He then accelerated towards the next traffic light and managed to cross it just after it turned red. I waited for the light, then followed him up the Ou Kaapse Weg pass, catching him just as he was passing a truck on a blind rise, forcing an approaching car to pull over onto the verge to avoid him. He then worked his way past a string of cars by driving down the barrier line. Approaching the traffic light on the other side of the Pass he pulled over to the lane that turned right, and then swung back into my lane at the last moment, ensuring that he was in the front of the queue. I filtered through the line of cars to the front. We then entered the Blue Route Highway, with me doing 120kph, and him flying past me as if I was standing still.

I feel two things:
• I am proud of myself for not “taking him on”. I wanted to. I wanted to kick his door. I wanted to slow my bike down in front of him. I wanted to ride on his rear with my lights on bright. But I did not. I stayed out of his way.
• For the first time while riding a motorcycle - I wished to see a traffic officer.

And writing this got the steam out of my system


Mev Dominee said...

Good for you.

I lost my temper twice this week , First was when a school kid bumped his scooter into the car I was driving while he was weaving thru traffic. He tried to drive off and I chased him down and stopped him. I was besides myself with fury. Luckily I didn't do anything rash.

The second time was when someone I suspected of breaking into my car last week had the audacity to knock on my door and ask for food two days later. I lost it totally.

Afterwards I felt very bad and guilty and I realized that it was all just not worth it. Especially not after I realized that my son saw his father going ballistic and chasing someone out of the yard .

Steve Hayes said...

To report bad driving phone:

0861 400 800