Saturday, June 28, 2008


Western Province dramatically overturned a 14-3 half-time deficit to run out thrilling 26-17 winners over the Blue Bulls in today's Currie Cup derby at Newlands.


philippine lotto said...

All I can say is nothing because your blog is not interesting to read.

Wessel Bentley said...

In the words of Naas Botha: "On da udder hand Darren, the Currie Cup are not won in June..."

Savour the moment ;-)

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Pastor Peter,

You and I share many, many, many, wonderful passions (our bikes, our theological interests, my wife... ;-) BUT, among them this one is a great source of joy!!!! Provvvvvviiiiinnnnnccceeeee!

I had the joy of getting a ticket on the railway stand to watch yesterday's match. I sad next to a staunch (drunk) Bluebull supporter. It was wonderful to hear his comments silence as we came back from behind!

WP joy lekka ding!

Hope you're well my friend!